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Florida Society of Oncology Social Workers is celebrating our 36th anniversary! Join us as we learn strategies to optimize our roles and develop growth opportunities as oncology social workers. We will be creating collaborative opportunities to enhance oncology social work practice.

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President's Message

I am excited to begin my journey as President of FSOSW for 2019-2020.  This organization means so much to me and to those who have served before me.  We have a very strong board that provides leadership, mentoring and a wealth of knowledge to assist oncology social workers throughout our state in learning what it means to be an oncology social worker.Read President's Message

FSOSW Membership

FSOSW members are oncology social workers or other health care professionals who provide a wide variety of direct patient services in public and private health care institutions and agencies. Learn more about the benefits of joining FSOSW now. Learn More About FSOSW

Helpful Resources

There is a lot of collective knowledge possessed by FSOSW members.  Non-members and members can access helpful links, resources for new oncology social workers, tutorials and frequently asked questions.  Access Helpful Resources

What Members Say

FSOSW catapulted my professional career by exposing me to other professional organizations because of its reputation, rich history of educational conferences and mentoring new oncology social workers. If I didn’t have FSOSW then and now I would not have grown into the professional and certified Oncology Social Worker I am today.
Bettye Bradshaw, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C
In a short time, FSOSW has given me multiple opportunities for personal and professional growth. I was welcomed with open arms and encouraged to develop and expand my experiences. I was afforded the opportunity to meet and interact with leading oncology social workers and benefit from their knowledge and expertise. I am excited to continue being part of such a unique society full of dedicated professionals. Together we will impact change on the future of oncology social work.
Chelsea Foote, LCSW