Our very own  Dr. Christina Austin-Valere was selected as the 2015 Lane Adams Quality of Life Award Winner !  Please join me in congradulating her on this amazing accomplishment!  See what her collegues had to say about her:

This is the highest service award given to social workers or other clinicians from around the country. Christina was chosen from among many thousands of dedicated professionals. She will receive the award at the American Cancer Society’s National Leadership meeting in Atlanta, GA on January 15, 2015.

As you know in addition to being our licensed clinical oncology social worker in the Bienes Cancer Center, Dr. Austin-Valere is a preceptor for future social workers, who are studying at Barry University. Christina worked on and help write our first Partners in Breast Health grant and also our colorectal cancer prevention educational grant. She has served as the President of the Florida Society of Oncology Social Workers and the National Association of Social Workers-Florida Chapter, and has served on the Boards of National Association of Social Workers and the Association of Oncology Social Work, as well as the Florida Division Board of Directors for the American Cancer Society among many other services she has and continues to provide!

Please join me in congratulating Christina on this huge national honor and accurate reflection of the wonderful works she does for cancer patients here and throughout our community!!!!

 Below is the definition and explanation of the award. 

Lane Adams Award

The Mission: The American Cancer Society Lane Adams Quality of Life Award promotes improved quality of life for all persons with cancer and their families through public recognition of exemplary individuals who practice compassionate, skilled cancer care and who extend the warm hand of service. The objective of this award is to recognize and reward individuals who innovatively and consistently provide excellent and compassionate skilled care, counsel, and/or service to persons with cancer and their families.

The concept of the “warm hand of service," an integral part of the Society’s commitment to excellence in cancer care, was given special emphasis by Lane W. Adams when he served as executive vice president of the American Cancer Society. Lane's definition of the warm hand of service was "to serve others and enrich the purpose of one's existence." The implementation of this concept poses special challenges in these times of fiscal constraint and technological advances that sometimes distance the caregiver from the patient. The award recognizes those who are providing care and support which impacts the quality of life for cancer patients and their families. This award seeks to recognize those individuals who go beyond the duties of their positions to make a difference in the daily struggles of cancer patients yet their contributions are seldom significantly acknowledged