Awards/Members Recognition

It is important we recognize our colleagues for all of the outstanding work with patients and families and for all they have contributed to our communities.  Please nominate a member today!

Oncology Social Worker of the Year Nomination Form

Oncology Social Worker of the Year Policy

The Florida Society of Oncology Social Workers Award for Oncology Social Worker of the Year was established to provide an annual opportunity to recognize an exceptional member of the Society. The award is presented to an oncology social worker who in the day-to-day delivery of compassionate service is a model for the profession itself.

Oncology Social Worker of the Year Candidates demonstrate these characteristics:

  • Effort in terms of time spent, dedication, interest and identification with their jobs, their state and FSOSW.
  • The ability to relate in an effective and empathetic manner.
  • A thorough knowledge of their jobs – expertise in what is being considered for outstanding achievement/performance/accomplishment.
  • Intellectual curiosity – continually learning more about their work challenges and current developments.
  • Creativeness in providing direct service in a time of diminishing resources.
  • Compassion for and understanding of the patients, families and staff they work with as well as for themselves.
  • A broad based knowledge of theory and practice of social work methods in Oncology.
  • The knowledge, ability, and communication skills to represent their organization, their community and their region.
  • Leadership qualities.

Additional Criteria for Oncology Social Worker of the Year:

  1. Be a full member of the Florida Society of Oncology Social Workers
  2. Have personal and professional integrity
  3. Promote professional standards and ethics in the practice of Oncology Social Work
  4. Effectively advocate for programs and policies to meet the psychosocial needs of Oncology patients and their families
  5. Contribute to the public knowledge of Oncology Social Work
  6. Integrate experience with education in an outstanding effort to help people
  7. Serve on employing agency’s committees and community agency committees which provide services and/or develop policies regarding cancer patients
  8. Be willing to use innovations in counseling individuals, families and groups
  9. Be able to relate work effectively with the multi-disciplinary team approach